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Conrail/CSXT Northern GCA

General Chairman                 Pat Driscoll     

1st Vice Genral Chairman    Harvey Benn IV     

2nd Vice General Chairman  Michael McCrory II     

3rd Vice General Chairman   Mark Krajewski  

Alt Vice General Chairman   Felipe Burgos

Secretary Treasurer           Chris Eleczko

Alt Secretary Treasurer      Tom Fay 

Contact Elected Officials!
If there is a special announcement you'd like posted please let us know.
Additionally you'll see on the calendar above a shaded date, that would indicate an event such as a union meeting, or union event. Eventually we'll have every Division's meeting in our GCA on the calendar. If you want to know what's going on on a particular date just click on the box.
Members in Need
This section is devoted to our Brothers and Sisters who may be in a time of need

Who We Are

The CR/SAA CSX North GCA comprises 13 Local Divisions representing over 700 members of the BLET as follows:

-Division 1 (Detroit, Michigan) CR/SAA

-Division 3(Cleveland, Ohio) CSX

-Division 46(Selkirk,New York) CSX

-Division 63 (West Springfield, Mass.) CSX

-Division 157 (Jersey City, NJ) CR/SAA

-Division 169 (Dewitt (E.Syracuse) NY) CSX

-Division 227 (Massena/Watertown, NY) CSX

-Division 235 (Union City, NJ) CSX

-Division 382 (Buffalo, NY) CSX

-Division 387(Camden, NJ) CR/SAA

-Division 421 (Buffalo, NY) CSX

-Division 439 (Boston, Mass.) CSX

-Division 601(NJCT) CR/SAA

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Updated: Aug. 19 (17:03)

Week Ending 08/19/2022
Teamsters Local 355
Week Ending 08/19/2022
Teamsters Local 570
New Labor Movement Might Save America Yet
Teamsters Local 570
New Labor Movement Might Save America Yet
Teamsters Local 355
Week Ending 08/19/2022
Teamsters Local 992
New Labor Movement Might Save America Yet
Teamsters Local 992
TSSA Claim Codes Applicable Article
Posted On: Nov 27, 2013
TSSA Claims with applicable claim codes and brief explanation of claim. This is an important reference when writing your claims as in most cases there is reference to a specific Rule/Article in the TSSA to include in your claim.

August 19, 2022
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