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Conrail/CSXT Northern GCA

General Chairman                 Pat Driscoll     

1st Vice Genral Chairman    Harvey Benn IV     

2nd Vice General Chairman  Michael McCrory II     

3rd Vice General Chairman   Mark Krajewski  

Alt Vice General Chairman   Felipe Burgos

Secretary Treasurer           Chris Eleczko

Alt Secretary Treasurer      Tom Fay 

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Members in Need
This section is devoted to our Brothers and Sisters who may be in a time of need

Who We Are

The CR/SAA CSX North GCA comprises 13 Local Divisions representing over 700 members of the BLET as follows:

-Division 1 (Detroit, Michigan) CR/SAA

-Division 3(Cleveland, Ohio) CSX

-Division 46(Selkirk,New York) CSX

-Division 63 (West Springfield, Mass.) CSX

-Division 157 (Jersey City, NJ) CR/SAA

-Division 169 (Dewitt (E.Syracuse) NY) CSX

-Division 227 (Massena/Watertown, NY) CSX

-Division 235 (Union City, NJ) CSX

-Division 382 (Buffalo, NY) CSX

-Division 387(Camden, NJ) CR/SAA

-Division 421 (Buffalo, NY) CSX

-Division 439 (Boston, Mass.) CSX

-Division 601(NJCT) CR/SAA

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Educational Memos

Preface to Claims and Discipline and educational memos:

Claims and Discipline, there IS a difference, there are differences in procedure and differences in time limits that the parties, including you the member are constrained to.

First, Discipline- If you recieve a letter from the Carrier stating that you either have been cited for wrongdoing, or have a letter of investigation CONTACT YOUR LOCAL CHAIRMAN IMMEDIATELY. 

Letters of Caution such as letters on attendance are considered "discipline". Don't assume that your Local Chairman gets a copy of the letter, they do not in most cases, so it is up to you the member to follow up. Escpecially important is the "Letter of Investigation", again as stated above, if you get a letter stating you have an investigation, contact yor local chairman ASAP.   

Now on to claims. Part of our duties, as we see it, it the education of our membership on the contract they operate under .In the past we ( and I include myself in that) haven’t always done a good job of educating you the member of BLET CR/CSX GCA members(and all BLETers’) and this is but a start of trying to better inform you of what you may be due contract and pay wise. These educational memos that follow are intended as a rough guide and are not intended to take the place of reference to your respective contracts. YOUR knowledge of your contract is key in any claim. If you have questions about anything contained in the memos , please ASK. We will get an answer for you, and may be able to guide you either in claim language, or where to do what. One side note in this, it is not the duty of an LC “to put the claim in for you”. As a wise LC told me once, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime” Hopefully these memos will help teach you to “fish” a bit better.

These “educational memos” are designed to help guide you when entering in claims and are a part of our ongoing education of our membership. Please NOTE, that the educational memos and references to time limits apply to claims, NOT to discipline.(please see "How long do I have to file a claim?" posting which contains the time limits for BOTH claims and Discipline on CSX and Conrail).

First, claims require information, and a bit of initiative on your part. Without those two things nothing will get paid, or even noticed for that matter.

Second, Please read BLET (TSSA) Article 65, BLET (Conrail) Article G-m-8 and UTU (BO) Rule 32. Claims have time limits, you have 60 days from the incident to file a claim (CR is 45 days see attached G-m-8 revisions), claims require information pertinent to your claim. Generally the CSX claims system has very good prompts for you to follow, however you will generally want to enter in additional text just to cover your bases.

The Carrier has eight (8) payrolls (NY weekly) or four (4) payrolls if on Bi-weekly  from the date they receive your claim to either pay or deny your claim (UTU Rule for Trainmen is 60 days) , if they fail to deny or pay the claim is payable by default, but we ( meaning you ) have to police this. If you think a claim is late in its’ denial state so when you submit to your LC or claims man.

With the BLET Rule your LC has 90 days  to list for appeal with Carrier Labor Relations Dept. This is what you see quarterly posted on the Bulletin Board (LCAT) generally with some sort of status related to your claim (i.e. denied, paid, appeal to LR, Appeal to Highest Designated Officer (HDO), Denied by HDO, and on occasion Appeal to GC. (GC generally sends this to “Appeal to HDO” status) The Carrier then has 90 days to conference with Organization. I will state this part is not strictly adhered to. Most LR Officers and LC’s do not hold one another to strict time limits except in discipline cases where someone job is in the balance and due process standards need to be strictly adhered to. After this step claims go to the General Chairman (GC) who lists the claims for conference with the HDO. Conference has to be within 30 days of said request for conference (again this is not strictly adhered to and extensions are very common on both sides of the Union/LR fence.). The UTU Rule is slightly different however your part is still the 60 days from date of incident.

Good claim writing takes a little practice, but it’s no different than the old “who, what, where, why and when” when dealing with an incident.

-Who ordered you to do what you did?

-What did they order you to do? In this we need details.

-Where did this occur? Location, train symbol

-Why is this a claim? Supporting Article /Rule from you contract with a reasonable explanation of why it is a claim.

-When did this happen? Date and time

One additional item to put on the claim, Play Radio/ phone tapes as proof of instructions.

We’ll try to give you the basics in the claims we address in the memos, but the above in red is key in ALL CLAIMS.

Happy writing,


Educational Memo 19-02
Jul 28, 2019
Educational memo 19-02 With the carrier having continual manpower issues, they may be forced to utilize crews in fashions not in compliance with the agreement. Several recent Arbitration awards and the language contained within those awards might come into play with regards to claims you might encounter.
educational memo 19-01
Apr 29, 2019
Educational Memo  19-01 The Carrier has recently taken to utilizing Road Switcher crews in what could be considered  yard service assignments and yard engines to do road work outside the 25 mile provisions provided for in National Agreements. This memo is designed to provide a degree of guidance to the members covered under the Single System Agreement.
CSX Constructive Allowance codes 2016
Dec 02, 2019
CSXT Con Codes 2019.pdf

How Long do I have to enter a claim or appeal? Claims and Discipline process for Cond and Engr CR and CSX
Jun 04, 2016
Many times you wonder how long you have to enter in a claim, and how long the Carrier has to deny it. This chart shows the timeline that both you and the Carrier has as far as "time limits". Please note however that many times your claim once it is entered into the respective claims system with your LC or GC and the Carrier can have the respective time limits extended.

Revisions to CR G-m-8 (1996)
Nov 13, 2013
The 1978 Conrail Agreement contains several pertinent revisions, one of which relates to timeclaims under Article G-m-8.
CR G-m-8 revisions 1996 Art XVI Claims.pdf

CSX Trainmaster Subdivision and Yard codes
Jan 09, 2017
Trainmaster Codes and Yard Codes.pdf

TSSA Claim Codes Applicable Article
Nov 27, 2013
TSSA Claims with applicable claim codes and brief explanation of claim.
TSSA Claim Codes 021511.pdf

Educational memo 13-03 Runaround Claims
Jun 04, 2016
BLET Educational Memo 2013-03 Runaround Claims One of the most common claims is that of a “runaround” where an employee who is 1st out, available and qualified for an assignment is bypassed by CMC in favor of another employee. This happens at times because CMC despite what they claim, makes errors even with all the technology available to them to call crews properly.
Educational memo 13-02 Work Not in Connection with Assignment
Jun 04, 2016
Contract Educational Bulletin 13-02 “Work not in connection with own train” (WNICW) I get asked quite often about if something is or isn’t “good” claim. A lot of what goes into a good claim is the information you the member supply as to what transpired.
Educational memo 13-04 Hours of Service claims
Jun 04, 2016
Educational memo 13-04 Hours of service claims. One of the more common claims of late has been the “hours of service” or “HS” claim.
Educational memo 13-05 RCO
Jun 04, 2016
 BLET 421 Educational memo #13-05 Remote Control Operations.

Educational memo 13-06 Used on other than own assignment/claiming time
Jun 04, 2016
BLET  Educational Memo 13-06 Used on other than own assignment/claiming lost time One of the more confusing claims you may run across is a claim involving you being utilized on other than the assignment you own, or not being able to cover your assignment due to Hours of Service issues (HOS).
Educational Memo 15-01 Incidental work
Jun 04, 2016
The Carrier has me set out on multiple tracks in road service, what can I do, and what can’t I do without additional compensation? This question gets asked a lot, and is difficult to answer because every situation is different, and what might seem like a move or series of moves is in violation of the agreement all to often it isn’t.
Incidental work setoffs pickups.pdf

Educational memo 15-03 How long does the Carrier have to recover an overpayment and how much at any one time?
Jun 04, 2016
On CSX sometimes we get paid incorrectly or get paid a claim that most likely shouldn't be paid by the Carrier. There are also instances where the Carrier pays the claim initially then relaizes (or believes) that an overpayment has been made.
SL #3 Recovering Overpayments Article 31.docx

Eductional memo 15-04 Engine Service Trip Rates (CSX) 2015
Jun 04, 2016
Part of the claims process is knowing how much you are due for a given trip. Most Pool service is covered under "Trip rates" where certain arbitrary payments were folded into the rate for that given pool. You'll notice 0D- Deadhead, 0E- service trip (one way) and 0F flip trip (DH and turn) codes for the various rates.
Copy of 2015-01-01 -- Trip Rates - Engine Service.xlsx

Educational memo 16-01 Interchange
Jun 04, 2016
Educational memo 16-01 Interchange As a part of our duties in T&E service we are sometimes required to interchange with foreign Carriers.
Educational memo 16-02 Road Switcher and Extra Road switcher service
Jun 04, 2016
Educational Memo 16-02 Road Switcher and Extra Road Switcher Service (i.e. B991, B965, C911, etc….) The carrier has taken to using extra Road Switchers (examples cited above) to relieve road trains within the “limits” of the regular assigned Road Switcher assignments these extra road switcher are called to “supplement”.
Education Memo 17-01( was 15-02) Inward Facing Cameras
Nov 04, 2021
INWARD FACING CAMERAS Please be aware of working with these Locomotives and recognize that the cameras are always on and must not be tampered with. The National Division has issued the following language to be used for time claims filed by those required to work on these engines.

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December 05, 2022
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